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Caccamo Castle

Tour Castello di CaccamoCaccamo, according to legend, was the legendary Carthage of Sicily founded by a group of soldiers Punic escaped death, after the battle at Himera in 480 a.c. Originally, the castle had to be a simply Arab watchtower on which developed later the construction of the same. One of the rooms of the manor is called "the conspiracy" because in 1160 Matteo Bonello, lord of the castle, heads the conspiracy of the Sicilian barons against William I (said Malo), even though the plot fails miserably. The Castle as defensive structure rather elementary, becomes in time a complex architecture from the typical characteristics of a fortress. Over time, it has undergone several modifications and alterations. It is now represented by the manor we admire in all its splendor and all its majesty.
The Caccamo Castle is easily reached via the highway 285 which is attached directly to the motorway exit Termini Imerese. It located in a hill about 500 meters above sea level on a rocky outcrop, on the top of Mount San Calogero, above the artificial lake Rosamarina and the bottom of the river San Leonarda valley.


Cathedral of Cefa

Tour Cefalùthe SS 113 as is well known winds on the northern coast of Sicily and across all the countries bordering the sea Cefalù is one of them. For many years now the point of reference of the summer seaside tourism, the beach of Cefalù is visited each year by thousands of foreigners, mostly French and Germans who flock to the historic center and narrow streets of the old town. The skyline of the small village is dominated by the Cathedral: according to legend, it would be built after the vow made by Roger II to the Holy Saviour, to escape a storm and landed on the town's beaches; but its construction began in 1131, seems rather related to the political and defensive reasons.
The grand staircase rises on the side of the rock and leads to the front of the church, enclosed between two massive towers. The interior of the church has three naves with wooden covering divided by sixteen columns with capitals, finely embellished by the Byzantine-style mosaics cycles. In the middle is represented Christ Pantocrator who is blessing, with radiant face of light and color before Peter, James and John. Extraordinary theological synthesis not only to read but to contemplate in all its glory.


Castelbuono and the Madonie

Tour CastelbuonoFor some years the Madonie town of Castelbuono is linked to the Brothres Fiasconaro’s Christmas “panettone”. It has always been the city owes its origins to Ventimiglia, Lords of the County of Geraci, who in early 1300 decided to build a castle on the dominanting hill the ancient "Ypsigro house”. A few kilometers from the sea, Castelbuono has grown at the foot of the Madonie in a pleasant valley was already inhabited in the Neolithic. In 1316 Francis I of Ventimiglia, is building a castle using the structure already dominated Ypsigro. The construction of the castle grow this small community so much so that in 1454, John I moved there with her court, and in no time became the most lively and important center in the vast heritage of Ventimiglia. John brings with it the most significant sign of the value of the family, which is the sacred relic of St. Anne skull. The Castle of Ventimiglia and Sant 'Anna, patron saint of the country, will be reference to the many vicissitudes of Castelbuono and powerful and rich family of Ventimiglia.
Madonie mountains are a mountain range, which runs parallel to the line of the northern coast of Sicily, from Messina to Trapani, from east to west. The limits of the massif are ideally marked by the valley of the River Imera  in North West part, from that of the Pollina river in the east part, from the Valley of the Salty River in the south and the Tyrrhenian Sea in the north part. The. highest point of the massif is Pizzo Carbonara 1979 meters above sea level, which is the highest peak in Sicily after that Etna 3350 meters above sea level.


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