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Palermo City

Tour Palermo - La CattedraleCity of culture in 2018, it was not only the beautiful capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies to the time of Ocelots and the Spanish viceroy, but also Arab Muslim empire's capital and beautiful city garden. Palermo was and still is all this, a mixture of races, cultures, art, free thought and popolar tradition. Strolling in the old neighborhoods of La Loggia, the Kalsa, through the palaces to finish Al Capo mercat, you can see the ancient historical buildings of a rich and thriving Palermo city made of glitz and dance parties. To hear the going luxurious carriages wth their horses and the clatter of people running this way and of the, smells of fried fish, bread and panelle, pane cu la meusa, quarumi e sfinciuni, arancini caldi o pasta cu li sardi, stigghiola e frittura di niunata, cannola cu la ricotta e cassata siciliana, in the shadow of Santa Rosalia with the imposing Cathedral, the Norman Palace the Palatine Chapel and the magnificent Teatro Massimo Cassaru.


Santuario di Santa Rosalia

you can say bad about everything to citizens of Palermo, but it’s trouble to speak ill of Santuzza, it is so as it is appealed Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of the city for over 400 years.
It was back in 1624 where in Palermo a very serious plague was claiming dozens of victims every day; citizens did not know which way to turn because the four holy city, (Santa Cristina, Santa Oliva, Santa Agata and Santa Ninfa) all put together were not managed to defeat the plagu…It was then that Rosalia de Sinibaldi, who died as a hermit on Mount Pilgrim already four hundred years ago, appeared in a vision to a young man telling him where to find his remains and wishing that they were exposed to all the suffering people for months of illness. And so the church authorities after the discovery of the saint’s remains, brought the same in procession through the streets of Palermo and suddenly, where the simulacrum spent people healed by mache miraculously. Since that moment santa rosalia became patron of the city: in fact, in July of each year from the holy cave of sanctuary in Mount Pilgrim ( where he lived and died ) is brought to the city and the people organized a feast as a sign of joy and to welcome the santa with big fireworks that lasts all night.
Santa rosalia remains in the city until 13th September when his statue is brought in procession through the city streets and brought back to her house on Mount Pilgrim


Tour MonrealeStarting from the Foro Italico of Palermo, throught Porta Carlo, throught all Cassaro up to leave the walls of the ancient city from the Porta Nuova area and along the course Calatafimi towards the mountains, less than five kilometers you arrive at Monreale. It already strikes from afar, the grandeur of the cathedral or rather the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nuova: this splendid building of Norman era sees its foundation at the time of William II of Hauteville in 1176; of course it over time other kings and princes have contributed to complete it and to bring this ancient monument as it is now. The Gothic style with the Byzantine one are the main themes of the entire constriction, there is not a square centimeter inside which it is decorated, even the wooden roof is a 'work of art! .. not to forget the Great Christ Pantocrator, typical of Byzantine art, who in the majestic and severe attitude dominates the apse and inspires a sense of fear. A word deserves the monastic cloister of Monreale, recognized medieval masterpiece. When you arrive in Piazza Guglielmo II, the show that presents itself to the traveler is amazing.
The Cathedral of Monreale and eight other huge Arab-Norman art works (The Cathedral of Palermo, the Royal Palace, the Palatine Chapel, the Zisa, the admiral's bridge, the church of San Giovanni of the hermits, santa maria Admiral called the Martorana, the church of san Cataldo and the cathedral of Cefalu) from 2015 have been declared World heritage Site by Unesco.


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