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Tour Parco Archeologico di SelinunteIf you happen to visit this ancient city of Greek origin, you will notice that almost all of the old buildings have been torn down. Streets, squares and alleys are full of ancient ruins, and it was certainly not due to the only some earthquake or catastrophic event over nature, but to man and his barbarism which reduced to a pile of stones one of the most beautiful and impressive city of the Hellenistic period…and do not forget to mention the miles of dead men.

For several years Selinunte and Segesta have warred for the domination of the territory, until in Sicily Carthaginians landed who, after having looted everything and enslaving the surviving people, besieged Selinunte and forced it to surrender.

The archaeological park of Selinunte is one of the largest in Europe and each year hundreds of thousands of tourists are attracted by its beautiful ruins, among all the acropolis, necropolis and the many temples that overlook the beautiful beach of Marinella di Selinunte.

Sambuca di Sicilia

Tour Sambuca di Sicilia AgrigentoSicilian inland town, the harp is a musical instrument that symbolically represents this small agricultural town in the province of Agrigento. Elected village of the villages in 2016, the main feature of Sambuca is the presence of is a well-stocked music store.
Ancient buildings and old historic houses bordering the main road leading to the historic center of the town and from the square of the ancient castle Zabut you can enjoy a splendid view over the vineyards of Feudo Arancio and the so-called artificial lake.
The state Road 640 which is through the close valley permits to quickly reach both the city of Palermo that even closer Sciacca.


Tour SciaccaIt is an ancient town of Norman origin. its historic center full of palaces, ancient churches and many monasteries, making it one of the most interesting towns in the province of Agrigento. Some example are the large square Scandaliato and the landscape-balcony overlooking the fishing port and the Mediterranean sea.
every year becomes the meeting point for thousands of people attending enjoyed the historic Carnival of Sciacca.
Agriculture and fishing are the most important activities of the economy and the presence of several tourist complexes (see Sciaccamare or Verdura Resort Golf Club) and some spas such as the famous Hotel of Sciacca Terme, attract thousands of tourists annualy.
It is particularly flourishing industry: the preservation of the blue fish, sardines and anchovies in oil or in salt is the most popular canning industry in the world.
The very Catholic Sciacca has always been linked to the history of San Calogero, who Saccensi are particularly devout to: annually miles faithfuls participate with a great spirit of sacrifice and Christian faith to the saint's day that involves the whole community.


Tour CaltabellottaAs soon as you leave the highway 115 just outside Sciacca, take the provincial road 37 which leads in 10 kilometers to the castle of Caltabellotta. Thanks to its geographical position has always been an impregnable fortress; the historical center, (made of small alleys, courtyards and narrow lanes with steep stairs and small residences) makes this small town very similar to a Christmas crib. Also in 1302 it was here that was signed the peace between Frederick III of Aragon and Charles II of Anjou to put end to the Sicilian Vespers war between Aragon and Anjou.
To visit without a doubt the mother church dedicated to Maria Santissima Assunta built in Norman times around the 'eleventh century; it is characterized by a beautiful Gothic portal, while inside there are several works of Gagini and his students.


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