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The island of Mozia and the Stagnone

Tour isola di Mozia - MarsalaCovering the intercommunal road which, since Nubbia continues  towards south, after Trapani airport and along the coast, you can see in sequence the Tower of San Teodoro (undisputed temple for lovers of kitesurfing), the island of Santa Maria, the Big and Mothia island.
Of course we are talking Stagnone, as the term is lagoon waters with a particular micro habitat, natural paradise of immense scenic value.


Marsala and Cantine Florio

Tour Marsala e le Cantine FlorioThe official story says that the thousand arrived in Marsala headed by a certain Garibaldi to give freedom to the Sicilians, but it is not what I want to talk now… But Marsa Allah "God's port" in Arabic, is so that once called this incredible city.
Marsala, since the times of the ancient Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and ending with the Piedmonteses, was the focus of great interest economists and politicians in the Mediterranean, and thanks to some of British origin wine merchants such as John Woodhouse, Joseph Whitaher and John Hopps the world Marsala has become synonymous with great structured wines and vintages of great value.
Today the Ancient Florio Cantine are cultural historical testimony of the city. Moreover you can visit the Archaeological Museum Baglio Anselmi where there is the only specimen of the Punic ship in all the world.


The Dancing Satyr, and Mazara del Vallo

Tour Mazara del Vallo - il Satiro danzante One of the most Catholic cities in western Sicily since the time of the Normans, always archbishopric point, full of high artistic value monuments. Convents, churches, chapels and ancient buildings, are the setting for a very interesting old town, lived for much of north Africans who over time have been perfectly integrated into the social fabric.
Mazara del Vallo has the largest fishing fleet of southern Italy, and is due to its fishing that towards the end of the nineties , in the channel of Sicily, was caught from fish nets of Mazara a bronze statue of the Hellenistic period, depicting a dancing young man: today it is possible to admire this statue called “Dancing Satyr “ at the Archaeological Museum of Mazara.
In different places, in the ancient alleys of the old town, you can stop and taste the Gambero Rosso of Mazara del Vallo (already dop in 2014), obviously, accompanied by the excellent white wine Doc Delia Nivolelli.


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